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The Vrbas is fast mountain river with several sparkling and wild sections and rapid falls and is among several most attractive rivers in Europe with a degree of severity 3-4. The Vrbas passes two canyons - Canyon Tijesno (5 km) and Canyon Podmilačje (8 km). Length to be used for water sports adventure is 31 km (from the Bočac dam to the Banja Luka center).
International classification of severity of the river is 3-4 and 1-2 on some routes, which provides opportunities for both wild adventure and adrenaline and the peaceful enjoyment of all the family activities. Depending on the opening of the dam, the water flow varies from 25-100 m3, and in the spring more than 500 m3. The water temperature in summer is over 17 ° C and the air above 30 ° C, which allows a pleasant swim and stay on the water.
Do you know of a similar center where possible night rafting, canoeing or kayaking? Illuminated trails and canyon? Yes, Vrbas Adventure Resort has an infrastructure that allows you to enjoy a night descent down the rapids and cascades, as well as the proven quality of the organization and conditions through organizing national, Balkan, European and World Championships and Cups in the kayak-canoeing and rafting. Vrbas Adventure Resort hosted the World Rafting Championships 2009. The Vrbas is one of the few rivers in the world that meet the requirements for all disciplines of the sport. All this is more than enough reason to enjoy the emerald and crystal clear water.
Rafting on the Vrbas travel is possible throughout the year, but the best time is spring and summer.

There are three downhill lengths:

  1. Zvečaj-Karanovac
    Route length: 5 km
    Downhill time: 40-80 m
    Water difficulty: 3o
    Attractions: Medieval fortress Zvečaj, sources, caves
  2. Ada-Karanovac
    Route length: 11 km
    Downhill time: 90 - 50 min
    Water difficulty: 2-3o
    Attractions: natural stone bridge, sights
  3. Bijeli buk-Karanovac
    Route length: 21 km
    Downhill time: 150 - 210 min
    Water difficulty: 4o
    Attractions: Reef gorges, medieval fortress Greben

Participants do not need any rowing experience or skills. In just a few minutes, led by experienced skippers, You will become part of the trained rowing team running through the foaming cascades. The memorable adventure ends with a traditional bath in Vrbas and lunch.

Rafting tourist offer on the river Vrbas includes:
-Refreshments and appetizers
-Transportation to rafting starting point
-Rafting boats (for 6, 8 and 10 people) with paddles
-Rafting neoprene steamer and boots, protective gear, jackets, helmets
-Certified skippers and guides

Necessary accessorize: shorts, T-shirts and sports shoes is all you need to stay on the river. The rest is provided by the organizer.
Bring a towel, dry clothes and shoes you'll wear after the adventure. It is good to have some protection from the sun on the river. If you want to take pictures, use a waterproof camera (underwater single - use camera). Do not carry valuables (jewelry, watches, etc.) and, if you wear glasses, tight them by strip.

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