Krupa Na Vrbasu


Krupa na Vrbas is located on the M-16 highway, about 25 km south of Banja Luka. It is located at the place where Vrbas leaves the canyon and enters the Krupsko polje, and the Krupa river flows in from its left side. A place with exceptional natural and cultural values such as Krupa waterfalls, mills and springs, Strika's cave, monastery of St. Ilija (1289), log cabin church (XVI century) and the medieval town of Greben (1192), favors the development of excursion, religious, sports-recreational, scientific, rural and fishing tourism. At the confluence of the Krupa and Vrbas rivers, there is a car camp, and nearby is one of the best-equipped football stadiums in the territory of the city of Banja Luka with artificial grass. In Krupa na Vrbas, there are easy and medium-difficult hiking trails that connect famous tourist attractions in the area.