Public transport

The basic means of transport are urban and suburban buses. The price of the transport service by bus is charged by a ride and is 1.60KM (1.60 convertible marks) for urban and from 1.50 to 2.20 KM (convertible marks) for suburban transport, depending on the length of the route. The ticket for urban and suburban transport can be bought with the bus driver. It is not necessary to annul the ticket, but you must show it to the conductor. If you want to visit cultural, historical and natural beauties of Banja Luka, and thereby use urban and suburban transport, , you can find here timetables for each location individually: Krupa na Vrbasu (Link1, Link2, Link3), Convent Trappists (Link1), Banj hill (Link1) and ethno village Ljubačke doline (Link1).


Price list of tickets

Public transport (City lines)

Public transport (Suburban lines)

Public transport (Suburban lines) – BL Bus aplication

Airline transfers

A new transfer schedule from the city center (old bus station) and a new bus station to the airport in Mahovljani and vice versa.

The price of a map in the yen direction is 10 KM.

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