PAK Summit


Mountaineering Alpinist Club "Summit" Banja Luka

Numerous climbing sites in the city of Banja Luka, some of which are higher than 250 m, are well-arranged routes of all degrees of difficulty, at hand to all lovers and those who would like to experience the magic of this sport - from beginners to those seeking experienced the most challenging sectors and directions. Accompanied by the lead instructor learn the basics of rock climbing and abseiling - climbing a rope to descend the rocks.

The canyon Tijesno is the most interesting part of the Zvečajska gorge and the entire climbing site is 7 km long. Opportunities for climbing long routes (over 250 m) and a magnificent view of the Vrbas the valley from the cliffs make it an indispensable part of the climbing experience. In the canyon, the sports routes are equipped in three sectors with heights ranging from 10 m to those over 100 m.

The stone bridge is an unusual natural phenomenon. The climbing site consists of four sectors that have more than twenty short routes (up to two lengths and a maximum of 40 meters).

The climbing site Suturlija is easy to reach and is a popular vacationland and promenade. It contains six short sport climbing routes. All trails are suitable for beginners.

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