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Vrbas is one of the most beautiful rivers in BiH and the main watercourse of Banja Luka flowing through the city center. The Vrbas boat called "Dajak" is a specific boat only for the river Vrbas and the city of Banja Luka, such as the gondola for Venice. The assumption is that the Vrbas boat was created when and the city of Banja Luka. During the centuries, this unusual vessel became the symbol of the city, leaving the trace in Banja Luka culture. It was used for trade purposes, for transporting goods both from the coast to the shore, so with water or down water. A route is used for a length of 15 kilometers, in the urban part of the city, where the Vrbas is characterized by small depths along the shores and the suitable bottom of the pole pushing, by which the boat was named.
The DAJAK is seven meters long and in order to be as easily as possible, it is made of the very quality of the highest quality and regular ways. The most memorable details are stern and spitzes, which are made of one piece of wood. Spitz is a boat feature that is more striking than the name. It looks like a mythic animal, chambers the tame or aggressiveness, the artistic vision of the master, so that every boat adolves a different spitz. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet the city from Vrbas, with experienced drivers of Dajak (Diakas).
Tourist tour - Green bridge - First mill - Kastel - Green bridge

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