In the heart of the city on Vrbas, we laid the foundation stone of the market exchange of goods back in 1927. Stone by stone, the fair barter at the foot of Kastel fortress grows into an organized household of market trade. Stand by stand, first-class consumer goods have made our Market grow into a multi-awarded champion of quality, a champion that walks side by side with conscious wholesale markets. The market, anchored in the port of Banja Luka, has faithfully served its fellow citizens for decades, not only as a donor of food customs and crafts of our homeland, but also as a guardian of the spirit of the bazaar. Binding souls under the auspices of its roof, the city's Market together with the locals overcame the storms and blizzards of times of crisis.

Today, Banja Luka households can find everything from the taste of fresh cabbage and homemade cheese to the comfort of uniforms for festive occasions to the smell of intoxicating flowers at the bazaar at the foot of the Kastel. After successful shopping, quite a few decide to take a break in one of the restaurants that the modern edifice of the city's Market Square is proud of.

And although divided into four sales sectors, "our market" could not infrastructurally support the barter of "living treasures" and modern motor vehicles, which is why the exchange of these goods takes place at the New Market, which, located on the outskirts of the city, exudes the atmosphere of a traditional market, and revives the ghost of the old Govedarnica. Also offering goods and quantity trade, Nova pijaca is known as a place where shopping and friendship go hand in hand.

There are 130 workers and 1,500 tenants operating within Tržnica doo. We all aspire to one thing - that the Market, with the richness of its offer and the quality of service, really remains a treasure of market tradition.

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