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We want that every day, with every purchase, our dear customers have a large selection of high-quality Mercator products at extremely favorable prices. We are continuously developing and improving the Mercator brand, which consists of products from renowned Bosnian and Herzegovinian as well as regional producers, with a strictly controlled origin of the goods. That's why we offered more than 800 Mercator products, made with great love, experience and knowledge, and strengthened partnership relations with suppliers who make top products for you. We want to satisfy the needs of the whole family and we have dedicated ourselves to the development of each product category with great care.

Mercator has several lines of trade marks, so on the shelves of our markets you will find groceries for everyday consumption under the Mercator brand, oil, rice and pasta, milk produced by the domestic producer MI99, a very high-quality product line of the Lumpi brand, which includes baby diapers and wet wipes, there is also a program of BIO products Bio zone and Free Zone, the Olea body care line, the Dax, Natur and Daisy home cleaning lines, delicious Finesse chocolates and biscuits, as well as Mercator Garden Good novelties, dry fruits and vegetables with an enviable range of products, textiles for the home, household appliances Home with a more modern line and improved quality, etc. We also offer very high-quality food for dogs Mercator brand Buddy and food for cats brand Kitty.

Visit Mercator sales points and see for yourself the right choice and top quality, with extremely favorable prices of our products.

  • Алеја Светог Саве 69, Бања Лука, Босна и Херцеговина

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