Adventure – another name for Banja Luka

If you love nature, adventurous and active vacation, staying in Banja Luka is the right decision. Alongside
with all the rich offer this city on the Vrbas river has, the friendly people, the amazing gastronomic
delicacies and numerous events will round up every visit, a large number of adrenaline activities makes
this city recognizable.
The extremely favorable geographical position of Banja Luka makes it an ideal destination for many
outdoor activities, recreation and adventure hikes, so whether you prefer water sports, climbing, hiking,
or individual or group sports, there is no doubt that you will not find something for yourself. The nature
of Banja Luka will make you remember this city and its incredible beauty.

The beauties of the water and the experiences on the river

Banja Luka is a city of sports. Thanks to the Vrbas River and its wild waters, you will experience Banja
Luka in many ways, and most certainly you will not be able to decide whether your favourite option is
rafting, kayaking, canoeing or dayaking. You will enjoy each of these in its own way and experience
Banja Luka from different perspectives. Vrbas, the River, offers fantastic conditions for water sports. The
combination of wild rapids and waterfalls with calm waters will offer you experience of both adrenaline
and calm panoramic rides, and each of these will provide for a long remembrance of the experience


Rafting is something that makes Banja Luka special. This extreme sport on the Vrbas river can be a great
experience for those who have never tried rafting, but also for those who already are and love to go
down the rapids and beeches. In addition to skilfully controlling the boat and making you relax and enjoy
the water without any fear, the experienced skippers from Banja Luka, describe to you every part of the
river and its curiosities as you pass through fifteen (15) kilometers of amazing areas that can only be
seen from the water, and this makes the rafting so unique. If night falls, you have no reason to worry –
the lighted trails and great infrastructure have made it possible for you to enjoy this sport at night and a
special atmosphere. Banja Luka had the honor of hosting the World Rafting Championship in 2009, and
many more European and world cups since then. It is such an important role assigned to Banja Luka and
the Vrbas River, which speaks of the extreme importance of Vrbas and its uniqueness when it comes to
this adrenaline sport.


Certainly, many cities offer rafting, canoeing or kayaking on their rivers. Many rivers of the surrounding
cities offer an adrenaline atmosphere and unforgettable moments, and each and every one of them is
special in its own way, but what is truly unique and sole for Banja Luka is the dayak boat.
Dayak is a symbol of Banja Luka. It is a part of the City coat of arms , and it is the only boat that rides
upstream, where steersman pushes off with a stick from the bottom of the river. The very name of that
stick is dayak, after which it got its name. It is characterized by a peaceful ride, while enjoying the
natural beauties of Banja Luka, passing under bridges, touching the ice-cold Vrbas. The boats are

uniquely decorated and adorned. During summer period, the traditional boat race and an exhibition
take place, and throughout the season you have the opportunity to ride along the Vrbas and boast a ride
unique to this city.

Hiking and running

Banja Luka is a city of alleys and greenery, so staying here is a unique experience. However, should you
wish to experience the real atmosphere in nature and greenery Banja Luka is rich with, you should
choose one of the many hiking trails away from the city noise. The most famous location is certainly Banj
Brdo, which offers a fantastic view of the city, while the hiking trail, which leads to the famous
monument, is a favorite place of Banja Luka citizens for a quick walk and excursion, but also recreation
because there are outdoor gyms along the way. In addition to the trail that leads to Banj Brdo, you can
enjoy the trim trail in Trapisti settlement which is used not only for running on uneven terrain but also
for walking and staying in the woods. The Mladen Stojanović Park is the right choice for the real
enjoyment of nature. Lots of greenery, playgrounds for children, bowling and basketball courts, but also
nine clay and two concrete tennis courts make this park a place for daily gathering of Banja Luka


The surroundings of Banja Luka abound in climbing areas of various heights and weight, where everyone
can find something for themselves if they like this activity. Depending on the weight of the climbing area
and your preparedness, you are able to choose between the minimum demanding ones, intended for
beginners and those who want to try this sport for the first time, to the extreme ones for experienced
and long-term climbers.
Among the most popular places for climbing is certainly the Tijesno canyon, which is especially
interesting because of the long routes and the great view of the Vrbas valley. Also interesting is the
Suturlija climbing area, which – with its six short routes – was adapted for beginners, and is the perfect
place if you want to try this sport and escape from the city for a short time.
An active vacation in Krajiška ljepotica, aka for Banja Luka, is ideal for all generations. Whether you
come with your family, a group of friends or a partner, everyone will find something for themselves and
will surely remember the natural beauties Banja Luka offers for a long time.

Horse riding

Yes, Banja Luka can offer this too! About ten kilometers from the city center, there is the best place for
horseback riding. Equestrian club "Čokorska polja", with its six riding trails ranging from ten to fifteen
kilometers, provides an opportunity for another experience to all lovers of this sport, but also to those
who want to try it for the first time, visit the city on Vrbas river and try something new and different.
For beginners, it is possible to ride with a coach and an escort that will ensure that the first steps in this
sport are carefree and remembered them for a long time.


The area of the city of Banja Luka is ideal for mountain biking, which has been recognized by many fans
of this sport, both recreational and professional. Several bicycle routes of different lengths and weights,
from 10 to 80 kilometers, will satisfy even the most demanding lovers of mountain adventure, and the
most famous three cycling routes you can take are:
Banja Luka – Slatina – Banja Luka, 40 km long
Banja Luka – Krupa na Vrbasu – Banja Luka, 75 km long
and Banja Luka – Piskavica – Niševići – Omarska – Kozarac – Mrakovica, 55 km long.
It is a very famous cycling route that leads from the waterfall on Švrakava and goes through the village
above the canyon of this river, and the route is encompassed by forest, macadam, rural and paved
roads, which makes the trail challenging and interesting. The route continues towards the village of
Ljubačevo and the ethno village of the Ljubačka valley, where you can refresh and dine in the ethno
restaurant, and further continues to the Stone Bridge, an incredible and natural phenomenon in the
Vrbas valley. The trail continues to Krupa na Vrbasu, to a bike camp "Klanac", where you will find more
demanding trails, intended for more experienced cyclists. The route continues through Manjača, a
mountain lodge all the way to the village of Stričići, where the birth house of Petar Kočić is located.
Finally, the road continues and ends in the village of Bunarevi and the church in Banjica. An ideal
opportunity to take the bike route and see numerous sites of cultural and historical heritage along the
The unique nature of Banja Luka, its surroundings, but also the characteristics of the Vrbas as a river and
what it can offer for water sports, makes the city on the Vrbas river extremely attractive and appealing
destination for any kind of adventurous experience. Whether you are up for calmer variations or
adrenaline experience, Banja Luka can fulfill all your wishes, so that you can experience the right
atmosphere and an unforgettable time.