The Medieval Town Of Zvečaj


The remains of the medieval fortified town of Zvečaj located ten kilometres south of Banja Luka, on the southern slopes of the rock above the left bank of the Vrbas river. Zvečaj was mentioned for the first time in 1404, when duke Hrvoje Vukčić entered into the agreement with Dubrovnik against the Bosnian king Ostoja. It is assumed that the fortress is older. Bosnian king Stjepan Ostojic in 1419 in Zvečaj confirmed the privileges to Dubrovnik. In 1463, the Ottomans occupied the fortification, and at the end of that year it was taken by Hungarian army of Matthias Corvinus, and to 1527, when it was handed over to the Turks by captain Andrija Drešneki, served as the fortification of the Banovina of Jajce. The town consisted of a citadel that descends towards the Vrbas and the towers, of which only one ten-meter tall tower is preserved.