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Our company provides rafting services on the Vrbas River for many years. We are also among the first to bring rafting to these areas. Guided by that fact, as well as many years of experience, we can provide a wide portfolio of services - both on water and out of it. Rafting, hiking, canyoning are just some of the services we offer to our customers. The professional guide team (skipper) offers great security to all water participants. Trained and licensed, there are to provide you with maximum security during this adrenaline sport. As you know, rafting belongs to the most wanted extreme sports and the latest statistics, every third resident of our country once went in a rafting adventure once. For that reason, wherling we give everyone the opportunity to "try" in this, more popular, sports, we made family and social packages, as well as packages for larger societies - through Team Building. Rafting and excursion site, near Banja Luke, only 10 minutes from the city center, give us the right to claim that we have the largest offer on the Vrbas River. You are enabled to individually, for your needs, together create a package that will absolutely fulfill all your expectations.

- Rafting

- Hiking

- Canyoning

- Excursion site (seats, barbecue - with all equipment, swimming, deck chairs) and the possibility of renting a complex for private celebrations

- Playgrounds (Football, Volleyball)

- a large parking space that can support up to 60 vehicles

You need to come to the camp at the agreed time (15 minutes earlier). At the camp you get security equipment from the club, they are: helmet, security vest, shoes / boots, paddle and suit. The club van is driving on the starting point (white stream / racks), and the descent is all the way to the camp. The descent itself lasts three to four hours, depending on the water, as well as meal breaks. Throughout the descent you are accompanied by your skipper that accompanies that the ride is equally excitable and safe.

The price per person is € 25.

The number of our phone is +38765253514. If not a problem, let us know via WA or Viber, for easier further communication, as well as to pass you the exact location of our camp, through the link location and video.

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