The picnic area is located on the Šehitluka (Banj Brdo) and leads the paved road (which has been banned for the traffic of motor vehicles in recent years). The Banja Luka region used to be famous for cherries, famous adhesmes. As a memory of this long time, there are some trees and the name of the most famous Banja Luka picnic area - Trisnjik. This was held (today a significantly more modest) Prophecial uranuction.
Spacious grassy space surrounded by forest and covered with cherry trees, is an ideal picnic place that offers and opportunities for sports activities. If you come to Trešnjik for a forest path, you can rest and refresh yourself on Rainer hot. From the pin he runs the path to the hot Zmajevac, about 3-4 km from the eastern output from the glade. Water from the source located along the path is drinkable, also there are small, disordered barbecue facilities.

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