Founded on September 26, 1930 as the Museum of Vrbaska Banovina. According to the order of King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, the founder of the museum was the first Ban Vrbaska Banovina Svetislav Tisa Milosavljević. The first manager of the Vrbaske Banovina Museum was Spiridon Spiro Bocarić, an academic painter from Budva. For the first ten years of work (until 1941), he collected a large number of ethnographic cases of priceless historical, national and cultural values ​​in the vicinity. Until 1982, the RS Museum changed the name and space several times, and then located in the part of the Facilities of Workers' Solidarity, in which they are the National and University Library and Children's Theater. By the decision of the Government of Republika Srpska, on 14 November 1992, the Museum of Bosnian Krajina was renamed the Museum of Republika Srpska and declared the central institution of protection of mobile cultural goods. Today, it is located in the house of the House of Workers' Solidarity and has 3,700 m2 of its own space, of which there is a permanent exhibition, and the rest of the depoi and official premises.
In their collections, the RS Museum keeps more than 30,000 exhibits. A specialized museum library has more than 14,000 books. The adaptation of the RS Museum has received space for copyright, tempse and visiting exhibitions.
Interestingly, you can also find the collection of items from the Island Fiji in Melanezija in the RS Museum. What this collection is interesting is that it contains various indigenous items: Buzzed, shields, arches, paddowns, jewelry, etc.

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