Every day, one Irish pub opens in the world. It's no wonder that the whole world has embraced the atmosphere that an Irish pub offers. A place that does not enjoy cult status only among beer drinkers, it is also the center of social life. In January 2012, the first authentic Irish pub opened in Banja Luka called "MAC TIRE". The last wolf in Ireland disappeared in the 18th century, and has since continued to live on in myth as MAC TIRE, which literally means Son of the Land in Celtic.
In the pub, along with many other excellent beers, you will also drink a true "Irish" of world fame, Guinness beer, which has a tradition of over 260 years. Also, there is a large selection of whiskey (of course Irish) and other alcoholic beverages. For wine lovers, there is a large selection of premium wines and soft drinks available. Of course, all this goes with good food that is characteristic of pubs, which are homemade and simple dishes. Throughout the week, we organize various interesting events. Live band performances, karaoke, quizzes, watching sports events together are just part of the entertainment that awaits you. We are sure that after crazy evenings in the Mac Tire pub, you will understand why Irish pubs are famous in the world. Order your pint!

  • Srpska 2-4, Бања Лука, Босна и Херцеговина

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