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Swimming pools
The capacity of outdoor pools with stands and other sports facilities is 3000 images.
The facility is under constant video surveillance 110 cameras and pleasant to secure.
In addition to its modern equipment and content, the Wellness Center offers its visitors a variety of forms through organizing various events.
Pools are equipped with modern automatic filtering systems, which slides top hygiene and water purity. On the pool during the season, 2 mini bars in the open where guests can refresh their friends.

Open and indoor pools
The entire complex of external content defaults of four pools of different dimensions and depths:

Semi-level swimming pool, 2m deep
Children's pool, irregular shape, 0.80 cm deep,
Hydromassage pool with dressing in the semi-opening pool, irregularly shape, depth 1.5 m.
Shank in water
The pools are provided with trained and licensed rescuers.
The concept of outdoor pools is sports and recreational.
In addition to enabling refrigeration and refreshment in hot summer days, in the threatening ambience can be enjoyed in the history of hearings offered:

Swimming school
Water polo club
Swimming club
Children's fun on the water
The indoor pool is available, as in summer and in winter days. In addition to recreation, visitors can learn to swim at swimming school, and perfect all swimming techniques.
The pool is irregularly shaped, 1.5 m depth.

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