Many of the villages of Potkozarje preserve the tradition and folk customs that were created for centuries. Depending on the group’s desire, presentation of one of the traditional customs is organised such as Slava, a wedding or a celebration of childbirth (custom of presenting gifts to the mother after giving birth to a baby, similar to the baby shower party). Meet a part of Potkozarje tradition through the tourist offer. Touring the ethno house in Piskavica (In traditional Potkozarje ethno house there is a permanent exhibition of ethno items used in this area in the past times as well as the homemade products market. Touring the ethno house is organised including the host’s interpretation). Traditional custom presentation (Depending on the group’s desire, presentation of one of the traditional customs is organised. Local people do the performance as well as the members of a local cultural-artistic society, dressed in traditional folk costumes. There is a possibility of guests’ participation in the performance). Traditional lunch with live music (members of the local cultural-artistic society play during the traditional lunch and it is possible to organise traditional dances and singing bands performances as well as to organise traditional dance lessons).

Venue of animation: Piskavica village (32 km west of the center of of Banja Luka)
Season: all year round
Recommended time: the evening (weekdays between 18.00 and on weekends throughout the day)
Minimum number of people: 15 people
Maximum number of users: 150 people
Duration: from 3 to 5 hours
Price: 35-40 KM

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