City Theater Jazavac


The city theater of the Jazavac was founded in 2006 as a non-profit organization with the aim of becoming a clear and recognizable identity theater, primarily through its own production and screening, and then through other programs.

The Mission of the City Theater Jazavac is a badge of theater art in educational institutions and educates children, young people and adults and improving their mutual understanding through theatrical performances and other cultural programs.

In accordance with his mission, the Jazavac is seeking that, through the animation and engagement of primarily youth, in the relationship between the interaction with the environment and contribute to the long-term development of the cultural scene of the city of Banja Luka.

The city theater Jazavac is a theater that primarily deals with the current social topics. We are a place of research, through our performances, we place the audience and ourselves issues related to the time and place in which we live. We are a place to affirm young artists, animations and provocations of the audience. Our doors are across open for the youngest writers and director.

We develop five programs in parallel:

Evening scene;
Scene for children - JUHU scene;
Studio Jazavac;
City Choir Jazavac;
International festival of a young actor ZAPLET;
The evening scene nurtures the dramatic repertoire to the uses most rely on modern texts, both domestic and foreign. We try to problematize topics that are part of our everyday life, and keep the high artistic level.

The scene for children - JUHU scene deals with the plays for the youngest. These are mobile performances that are designed to play on the home scene, but also in the middle where the youngest do not have the opportunity to see theatrical performances often.

The studio Jazavac is conceived as a school of acting and speech. The program is appropriate to the age and experience of members. Through the game and various interesting and attractive forms of group and individual drama and techniques, members of the studies overcome the nature of dramatic creation and theater media, but also general educational tasks that contribute to personal habits.

Zaplet festival of the young actor enters the basic idea we had establishing our theater: We wanted to give a chance to young creators from all areas of theater art. We proudly point out that we have been researching in that idea for seven years. As part of this festival, over twenty plays from BiH, Serbia and Croatia were played. We hosted theaters, formal and informal troops, organized workshops, debates, public reading, listening to radio drama, concerts, exhibitions. All this puts our festival in the order of the most significant theather events in our city and the Republika Srpska.