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Welcome to the website of the Cinestar 4DX Delta Planet, Banja Luka!

The Cinestar 4DX Banja Luka has 6 cinemolons with a total capacity of 729 seats.

The halls are equipped with top quality digital technology and viewers ensure the real pleasure of watching a movie on wall-to-wall canvases, with Dolby Digital Ex and DTS sound system. Full digitization has enabled us to satisfy even the most demanding lovers of cinema.

The cinestar multiplexes show about 150 film titles per year. Those eager for new entertainment dimensions can be engaged in real 3d adventure or indulge in extreme experience to the movie with Extreme.

Exclusively in Multiplex Cinestar 4DX Banje Luka (Delta Planet) Visitors will be able to enjoy the even better 3D view with "Ultimate RealD 3D" 3D devices whose features are even more technologically improved. Some of the advantages of a newly improved 3D device are a high light permeability from a digital projector that now reaches as much as 32 percent. In addition to the great permeability of the lighting projector there is a perfectly designed polarizer that almost completely removes any so-called "ghosting" effect. The new 3D device also provides the highest quality stereo contrast of polarized 3D systems in the industry and perfect color quality.

All halls are spacious and comfortable, and all 725 seats are performed in the skin. Special offer consists of hunting Box and VIP relax seats. Love Box seats The experience make it more private and relaxed and cinema, lift to a whole new level. Each Love Box headquarters are fenced on each side of other seats, so that visitors have as much privacy as possible. There is also specially designed VIP Relax seats in the halls. VIP relax seats provide additional comfort, more space, are movable and usually positioned in the best area of viewing each hall. Apart from the place to dispose of drinks, they also have a small table and a wireless charger for cell phone. Wireless charging is possible only for mobile phones that have that option.

Visitors can enjoy the recognizable cinestar services, like my canesyred - the most favorable day of week, matinje and family package, spectacles in the cinestar, birthday celebrations, but also a loyalty program that allows savings and shopping tickets online and much more. Additionally, the youngest visitors can celebrate birthday in two specially designed children's birth shops! Before the start of the film, visitors can honor popcorn, nachos, sweets and drinks. More favorable ticket purchases and time savings ensures you the Stars Club 2x bonus card.

He brings a new cinemesis every Thursday. In everyday numerous movies screenings, from the world's largest hits to Art Films, visitors can enjoy 14:00 to 2:00.
As part of regular projections, see:
• Matineje - Family and children's films, weekends and holidays from 11:00 to 11: 59h
• Previews - Fridays and Saturdays at midnight


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