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Oskar Film, a company for the production, distribution and screening of films, was founded in 1998. Following innovations in the field of film screening, Oskar Film opened the first multiplex in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the former Kozara cinema.
Following progress in the world of film technology and world standards, Oskar Film modernized the old Palas cinema, which on December 17, 2009 became the first 3D multiplex in the country and was named Multiplex Palas. The three-dimensional film revolution in Banja Luka at the Palace Multiplex began with the screening of the film "Avatar" directed by James Cameron. Since April 2012, all halls have been digitized, equipped with the most up-to-date digital projectors and top-quality Dolby surround sound, enabling visitors to properly experience the innovations of the seventh art.
Multiplex Palace was visited by more than 4 million visitors and more than 3,000 of the most current titles of Hollywood, European and domestic production were shown. In terms of topicality, quality and number of screenings, Multiplex Palace followed the world's most developed centers.
As the promotion of cinema screening is the highest priority of the Oscar film, the next step was to join forces with the strongest exhibitor in South-Eastern Europe, Cineplexx. Cineplexx is a group with over five decades of experience and a chain of arguably the most modern multiplexes that started in Austria and, together with Oskar Film, opened its doors in Banja Luka. Cineplexx was the first to fully digitize its theaters and is constantly looking to present some of the most up-to-date technologies to its visitors. Cineplexx cinemas are visited annually by more than 12 million visitors. Cineplexx Palas was opened on June 8, 2017. Cinema in the heart of Banja Luka, the largest cinema in Bosnia and Herzegovina! With 7 luxuriously equipped halls and 1100 seats, Cineplexx Palas shows over 200 titles a year and has around 400,000 visitors! With the latest Barco and Christie digital projectors, contemporary Silver screens, Dolby surround sound, visitors get a crystal clear image and sound - state-of-the-art conditions to fully enjoy movie titles.

  • Trg Krajine, Бања Лука, Босна и Херцеговина

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