Children's Theater of Republika Srpska


Children's theater of Republika Srpska from Banja Luka was founded on December 30, 1955.

The first professional ballet and puppet plays Children's theater performs in May and October 1956.

Since 1998, the guest of European scenes for children has been common, but also with the evening scene "Atelje 333" and for adults: Warsaw, Varne, Sofia, London, Moscow, Peruge, Kremon, Thessalondie, Belgrade, Ljubljana , Sarajevo, Pecs, etc.

For his work, the Children's Theater has received many city, republican and state recognitions in the former Yugoslavia, and as a national theater for the children of the Republika Srpska, decoration is highlighted:

Children's theater has been organizing the traditional international festival of the Children Theater since 2002, and gathers each year of theatres from a dozen European countries.

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